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Subject: Make It Happen

As activists we’re united in our commitment to economic and environmental justice, civil rights and democracy.

But are Senate Democrats doing everything they can to support our work?

There’s never been obstructionism quite like this before in Congress. Republicans are playing extreme politics and using every last trick in the book to deny President Obama a second term by blocking his executive branch, agency and judicial nominees. And so far Democrats are letting them get away with it -- playing by outdated, 20th century rules.

The constitution says it loud and clear, [First_Name]: The Senate by majority vote makes its own rules. And right now, we need REAL rules reform.

We need to make sure that Senate Democrats stand with us and fight to quickly confirm President Obama’s executive and judicial nominees. Click here to contact your Senators today. [ALTERNATIVE: Call your Senators now at 1-866-937-5062.]

It’s time, Beth. Enough is enough. These nominations should move to the Senate floor for an up or down vote.

Americans need an EPA administrator to enforce environmental regulation. We need a fully functioning, five-member National Labor Relations Board that can protect workers’ rights to speak up and take action against unfair working conditions. We need a Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Director to implement important reforms and safeguard consumers’ rights. We need a federal court system that is fully staffed and able to fulfill the promise of justice for all.

The Senate majority can make this happen by changing the rules to allow for an up or down vote on nominations. Click here to contact your Senators now: [ALTERNATIVE: Call your Senators now at 1-866-937-5062.]